About Red_Eye_Computing

Hi I'm Sam, an 18 year old tech enthusiast and this is Red_Eye_Computing. I make computer based content about operating systems and messing around with computers, it's bad don't watch.

I started Red_Eye_Computing under the name “Red_Eye_Gaming” as an unpopular gaming channel in 2013, when I was 11. In 2015 I recorded the video “Breaking Windows XP”, which despite it’s low quality and simple editing, went on to be my most popular video, hitting over 1 Million views in 2017. The video brought many new viewers to my channel and still continues to. In 2016 my channel underwent changes in content, as I tried to move away from gaming to videos centred around computers and operating systems. In early 2017 I fully rebranded my channel and online personality to Red_Eye_Computing, continuing to make the same computer OS related content that brought my original success. I still try to produce content but due to my life getting busier as I get older, content doesn’t come out as frequently.

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