Frequently Asked Questions

What editing software do you use?

From 2013 – 2017, I used Sony/MAGIX Vegas Pro before switching to Adobe Premiere Pro, every public video on Red_Eye_Computing has been produced in one of these editors and I talk more in-depth about why I switched on The Linux Challenge. My second channel has had videos edited in Final Cut Pro X and iMovie as well as Vegas and Premiere. For image editing and thumbnail creation, I have always used Adobe Photoshop.

What recording software do you use?

On Windows, I have previously used Bandicam and Nvidia GeForce Shadow Play but nowadays I tend to stick to a mixture of AMD Radeon ReLive on Windows, ScreenFlow on macOS and OBS Studio on both, depending on what I’m doing. For recording audio recording I either use the built-in audio recording on the chosen screen recording software or Adobe Audition, which I run all recorded microphone audio through for post-processing regardless.

What camera do you use?

Throughout REC, the only cameras I’ve used have been iOS devices, this has ranged from an iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5th Gen, iPhone 5C, iPhone SE and now my iPhone XS since 2018.

What microphone do you use?

My recording setup for audio when I’m at my computer (or near it at least) is a composed of a Floureon BM-800 Condenser microphone and a Scarlett Solo Gen 3, despite this microphone only costing me £20 when I bought it 4 years ago, when paired with the Scarlett Solo and good post-processing, it produces very decent audio.

For more information on other hardware I use, visit the Devices page.

Why don’t you upload that much anymore?

My upload schedule has gotten increasingly less frequent from early 2017 to now, a lot of this is due to me getting bored with the style of content I was producing at the time, eventually getting burnt-out. I still want to produce content and will when I feel I have something worth creating and sharing, but this is, unfortunately, a lot less frequently than in years prior, especially with me having less free time nowadays. I have always viewed YouTube as something I do for fun, although there is monetary gain (albeit not a lot), I’ve always done it as a hobby and not to earn money, so when I no longer enjoy making videos, I won’t make them.